Professional Laminate Flooring Installation Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Have Laminate Flooring Installed

While laminate flooring itself can be bought at a discount, its price is still usually determined by the quality of laminate selected. It’s somewhat surprising to many that the cost of laying this floor often matches or even exceeds the price of the flooring itself. Labor is not cheap, whereas in comparison laminate flooring usually is.

The cost of laying laminate flooring often matches or even exceeds the price of the flooring itself.
For example, some lower quality laminate flooring can be purchased for as little as £6 per square meter whereas the labor costs associated with installing this same laminate could be anywhere between £10 and £15 per square meter. The actual price will, of course, be determined by the flooring area to be covered, and often includes additional costs such as mileage, etc. Within some of the larger cities, these prices may even be slightly higher.

The table below shows a rough estimate of the costs associated with hiring a professional, this table does not take into account other expenses such as underlay, spacers, and any other materials you will need to get the job done.

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The average room in the UK has a floor area of 16.3 M² (source) – learn how to measure your room here

Laying the floor yourself can, therefore, be the most cost-efficient way to complete your project. It can also allow you to purchase a better quality laminate rather than wasting the budget on having a professional company fit the flooring for you.

If you are sure that you want a professional company to install the laminate flooring for you, it is prudent to ensure you get as many quotes as possible. Most companies offer a free no obligation quote for there services, and because the charging structures are often very different, this approach could save you a considerate amount of money.

Understanding your role, and agreeing on the standard of finish

It is worth considering when hiring someone to do the job for you that there will still be work required on your part. Even if you are not actually fitting the flooring yourself.

The flooring companies will expect the room to be fully emptied, and although they will take up and dispose of your old flooring, it is likely that this cost will be passed onto you. It is, therefore, a good idea to request a quote that includes the dismantling and disposal of your current flooring, and one that does not (where you agree to do this yourself). This could potentially offer you further savings for work where skill is not really a requirement.

It is best also to ensure both the company and yourself agree on the sort of finish you will require. Is the laminate to be fitted under the skirting boards or is beading to be used (the later should be cheaper). The tradesman should inspect your flooring before when giving you a quote to ensure that there will be no hidden costs. An uneven floor may require leveling before work can begin!

To save additional money it is a good idea to understand precisely what accessories will be required to lay your laminate, as underlay, spacers, and door bars will all also include a markup from the fitting company if they have not been pre-purchased. Request a list of what will be required and their prices, you may want to purchase these elsewhere yourself.

If there are doorways for the company to navigate (especially when two attached rooms are being laminated together), it is also best to agree before the job starts whether the two floors will be split with a T-bar, or whether the laminate will appear seamless throughout.

The latter will provide a far superior aesthetically pleasing finish but will take a more considerable amount of care when completing the job, and therefore may prove more expensive still.

The argument for using a professional VS doing it yourself!

There are many reasons that you may decide to opt for a professional laminate flooring fitting service rather than doing it yourself. Even though laminate flooring has been designed to be relatively easy to fit, doing it yourself is not for everybody.

Some reasons you may decide to pay to have your flooring fitted include:

 Poor health  – you may not be fit enough to do it yourself.

 Time restraints  – you may not have the time to dedicate to laying your laminate flooring yourself.

 Finish  – you may think that a professional service will provide a better finish that you feel you would be capable of on your own.

 Cost of tools  – While tools are relatively cheap, you may feel that the cost outweighs the benefits of hiring a professional fitting service.

The benefits of doing it yourself vs hiring a professional

If you believe that with the right advice (that’s what we have created this website for) and with the determination to learn a new skill that you would be capable of fitting your own laminate flooring there are a few really good reasons that you may want to do it on your own as opposed to spending that extra money on hiring a professional.

 Saving money  – having the laminate flooring fitted is often more expensive than the actual flooring itself.

 Purchase better quality flooring  – with the money you can save from opting to do it yourself you can use this extra saving to buy a better quality laminate.

 Learn a new skill – If you can fit laminate flooring you will never again have to hire a professional fitter to do a job you know you are capable off. When you want to lay laminate in other rooms you will know that the cost of materials is all you will have to pay.

Our final words on the matter

We believe that if your capable of laying your own laminate flooring that you should. But of course, there will be circumstances where this is just not possible, and in these cases, a professional service is probably right for you.

Laying your flooring yourself is relatively straightforward and provides you with a good skill for future flooring work that may be required in your home. If you are laminating a number of rooms, even with the small outlay for tools you will save yourself money that could be spent elsewhere, or simply buy a better quality of flooring that will last for many more years to come.

While the cost of professional services will vary, make sure you get a number of quotes and weigh up the pros and cons of hiring a professional VS doing it yourself based on your own circumstances.

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