Hard Floor Cleaner

Can You Use a Hard Floor Cleaner on Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring can be difficult to keep clean. It requires a lot of elbow grease to keep your floors looking as great as the day they were installed, so it is not surprising that you are looking for an easier way.

Hard floor cleaners are now advertised everywhere. They offer to clean your floors with minimal fuss and zero backache. But should we use them on laminate flooring?

These deep cleans should really only occur every couple of months and should definitely not be a daily routine.
Many manufacturers of these hard floor cleaning machines shy away from answering this question for fear of opening themselves up to lawsuits. They hint that the machine can be used on laminate, without directly advertising it as such. Instead, they market themselves as specifically for hardwood, tile, or other sealed floorings.

Today you learn that….(drumroll) laminate is considered sealed flooring.

A hard floor cleaner can be used on sealed laminate flooring provided it does not use too much water. Any more water than you would usually use to clean your laminate is what you should consider too much. These deep cleans should really only occur every couple of months and should definitely not be a daily routine.

There will be traditionalists that favor a damp cloth, microfibre mop, or other handheld mopping devices, and that is their right. I just believe that laminate flooring is pretty tough stuff, and as long as you’re not pouring buckets of water on the floor, it should be able to hold its own.

Of course, the higher-rated your particular flooring is the more likely this is to be true, but most laminate flooring should be able to withstand a good clean (that’s the least I’d expect really!).

Remember: these deep cleans should really only occur every couple of months and should definitely not be a daily routine.

Please also only use floor cleaners that have been specifically made for laminate flooring, anything else can damage the protective layer of your laminate and encourage further damage when cleaning in the future.

Hard Floor Cleaners For Laminate Flooring

I have taken the time to list some cleaners that you should use as a shortlist or guide as to the type of cleaners you should be looking to purchase, assuming you have decided to do so.

All the cleaners on my list have been specifically designated as safe for laminate by the manufacturer, and do not use wishy-washy terms when describing that fact.

Hopefully, you will find one you like. I will start with the one I personally use at home and continue through with alternatives you may want to consider.

Hard Floor Cleaner

Kärcher FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner

I have no complaints regarding this purchase. My floors have never looked cleaner and I have noticed no excess wear and tear from using it. In fact I probably use less water than I did previously when washing my floors.

“A great experience on every floor – the battery-powered floor wiper reliably cleans tiles, laminate, cork, stone, linoleum and PVC and any parquet floor. The floors dry in just two minutes”

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Kärcher FC 3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

The cordless version of the cleaner I purchased and recommended above.

The FC 3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner glides effortlessly over any sealed hard floor – The FC 3 makes all hard floors such as laminate, parquet (oiled, waxed, polished), cork, stone, linoleum, or PVC shine

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Laminate Floor Mop Image

Aircraft Powerglide Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

This cleaner should suit those that are still uncertain about using anything too industrial on their laminate flooring.

Simple yet effective cleaning.

The twin rotating discs do all the work.

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Laminate Cleaning Mop

Silva Microfiber Mop

This cleaner should suit those traditionalists.

Cheap effective cleaning for your laminate flooring, without any worry about excess water as you are 100% in control.

Washable and replaceable pads.

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However, you choose to clean your floors is totally up to you. As long as you stay vigilant about the amount of water you use your floors should stay in great shape for years to come.

Some of the hard floor cleaners simply use too much water, but there are most definitely alternatives out there for those looking to make their laminate flooring cleaning a little easier.