Laminate flooring over tile

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Tile?

Laminate flooring has become an increasingly popular choice for those looking to replace flooring throughout their home. The main reason for this is that laminate flooring is cheap, resilient, and easy to install. But can you install it directly over tile?

Yes – You can install laminate flooring over tile providing your tiles are in good overall condition, and the floor is level. This is because laminate flooring is considered a floating floor and is therefore not required to be attached to the subfloor by either nails or glue.

There are however a few things you may want to consider before doing so.

Height of your new floor

Just because something can be done, does not necessarily mean you should.

Just because something can be done, does not necessarily mean you should.
Your laminate and underlay on top of your current tile will raise your flooring. To what degree this is an issue if at all depends on a number of other factors.

In some circumstances, the addition of 6mm – 12mm to your floor (depending on the thickness of the laminate being used) will make little or no difference, however, there are certain issues that can come about from this extra height that may not be apparent before starting the job, let’s look at these.

Ceiling Height

If you have a modern home you more likely than not have low ceilings. Do you want to lose more height by installing over your tiled floor, or does it make sense to remove the tiled floor before installing the laminate?

Door Transitions

The added height can create discrepancies in the transition from one room to the other. While small height differences won’t matter and are commonplace you will need to decide whether you will be happy with how the final flooring will look and whether the transition will work for you and your circumstances.


You will also have to consider whether alterations will have to be made to the doors themselves. Will the doors be able to open and close as they are or will you need to shorten the doors? Are you happy to do that?

Household Appliances

Often household appliances are measured to fit, will the increased height of the flooring cause any significant problems when putting your washing machine, fridge, or dishwasher back in their allotted spot? If so you will have to plan for how you are going to solve this problem before you decide to install the laminate directly over the tile.

Skirting Boards

If you are removing your skirting boards to install the laminate they will also have to move higher up your wall, will this height increase get in the way of any electricity points, or other sockets.

If you have read this whole article and have considered your own circumstances you will be in the perfect place to make an informed decision on whether installing laminate flooring over your tiled floor will work for you.

If you have doubts I would suggest researching how to remove your tiled floor. You can of course remove this as a DIY project or get professionals in to help – either way, you will be much happier with the final result if you have not had to make any concessions that you will be unhappy with in the future.